We know how much you love when we make lists like this one where we rank the top 25 NBA players in the league today. Well, Kevin Durant isn't a fan. In fact, Durant fired off a tweet earlier today where he made the following statement:

While Durant has a point, he doesn't take into account is a variety of factors, like player biases, poor personal judgment of talent by the league's former ballers and enough time to really see/study the players. Sure, analysts will probably never play in the L, however, most of them are more capable of offering you an honest opinion of a certain individual. For example, LeBron James may claim that Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are top ten talent in the league even if it isn't true because he: A) sincerely feels that way and B) feels a personal attachment to both guys since they are his teammates. 

As we have seen before, not every former player makes for a good general manager *cough Michael Jordan cough* and over the course of a full season, the players in the league today don't have as much time as analysts do to really watch nearly every player or team play, study any nuisances, weaknesses and everything in between. So, while we respect KD's opinion, he's wrong about this one. 

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[via Kevin Durant]

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