Josh Freeman's fall from grace in Tampa has been dramatic. Since the start of the 2013-14 NFL regular season, Freeman went from not being named team captain because of a rumored votes tampering by head coach Greg Schiano to going from the Buccaneers' starting quarterback to an inactive. Now, reports have surfaced that the 25-year-old is a stage one participant in the NFL's drug program. 

What does that mean exactly? Freeman has received a "temporary-use exemption for a prescription drug that would normally be on the banned list." Therefore, Freeman will not be suspended for his usage. However, it is important to point out that a player is placed in stage one for different reasons and the medical director will figure out how long the player will remain under that status.

Now, here's where the controversy comes in. A player's medical records are only released to the public with the player's permission. So, how likely is it that Freeman allowed the Bucs to give away his medical records, especially regarding his usage of a banned drug, during a time when the quarterback is seeking a trade or release? This may be the Bucs' way of driving away the market for him by shedding Freeman in a bad light. Of course, the organization won't admit that.

Things are already ugly between Freeman and the Bucs. How much worse can this situation possibly get? Stay tuned.   

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[via ESPN]

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