Fans are known to do some pretty crazy things when they meet their favorite musicians. They cry, they scream, and, in some cases, they refuse to let go of their favorite pop star's hands and need to be hauled off by security. But two fans of Taiwanese pop star Jam Hsiao did something extra crazy on Monday when they approached him for an autograph while he was sitting inside of a van in Taipei, Taiwan.

First, the two men pulled up next to Hsiao's van on motorcycles and tapped on the van's front window. Then, they asked a man sitting in the front seat if they could have Hsiao's autograph. And finally, without waiting to hear the man's answer, they took a bucket filled with feces and threw it inside of the van before running off after a brief struggle with the man in the front seat. Hsiao has absolutely no idea why the men did what they did, but he thinks that someone out there may have paid them for their stunt.

"I hope whoever hired these two men gets the harshest punishment," he said yesterday. "I hope whoever was paid to do this…I want them to know, they will regret it."

In the meantime, Hsiao is the one regretting their actions. Can you imagine having to drive around in that van right now?! Yuck.

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[via ABC News]