Right now, Jaguar sells about 60,000 cars per year, but Jaguar is hoping to massively increase that with the new small sedan that the company has been working on, codenamed X760. At least Jaguar's Global Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark, seemed confident about the car when he said that it will launch in 2015 and that Jaguar would “build the most advanced, most efficient, most refined car in that segment. Not almost as good as, but better than the best in the world.”

Of course, Jaguar is a small company, and this massive investment is a huge deal. It's so big a deal, in fact, that Hallmark is saying that if this baby Jag doesn't sell, Jaguar will cease to exist entirely. “This is the only choice as Jaguar is not viable at 60,000 units [per year]. If the X760 fails, it will be probably be the end for the brand.”

So, if you like Jaguar (we sure do) buy the X760 in 2015. We expect it to look more or less like the XF (pictured).

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[via Autocar