Next weekend, the Denver Broncos will head over to Lucas Oil Stadium for a Sunday night game against the Indianapolis Colts. While the match-up could feature an undefeated 6-0 team versus a 5-1 squad, the primary focus will be on Peyton Manning and his first game back in Indy as a member of the Broncos. Knowing this fact, the Colts organization actually plan on honoring Peyton right before he annihilates them the start of the game.

"We're going to have a great tribute to him," Irsay said while in Washington for NFL owners meetings on Tuesday. "It's going to be something where you go into it wanting to have a lot of fun, where you love Peyton as a Colt fan, but now we're competing against him."

"It'll be tremendous," Irsay said. "They will cheer, as deserved. When he comes back on the field, I think there will be a boisterous standing ovation, as there should be. He means so much to our franchise."

As for specifics, the details are still being worked out. We're assuming there will be some sort of video tribute, but aside from that, who knows? All we know is you may want to avoid SportsCenter from next Tuesday through Sunday because they will discuss every single aspect of this game. You've been warned. 

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