The closed thing to a sports car that Honda makes right now is the Civic Si. If it were at all sporty, we'd count the CR-Z too, but it's not. The S2000, which was discontinued in 2009, was the last real (read RWD) sports car and we miss it terribly. 

The S660 concept is like a fusion of a Honda Beat, a '60s S600, and an S2000, and the best part is that it's mid-engined and rear driven. The worst part is that it's powered by a 65 hp engine which interfaces with the wheels using a CVT. I have a testicle that produces more horspower than that.

Luckily for us, the rumor mill is suggesting that there will be "three brothers" of mid-engined sports cars from Honda. The S660 will be the wussy little brother, the Acura NSX will be the rich and powerful older brother who thinks "slumming" is eating at a restaurant without a Michelin star, and the third will presumably be a proper successor to the S2000.

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