Mitsubishi is still selling trying to sell cars in the USA, and most of the time we're not really sure why. The Lancer is a plasticy, out-dated compact that is up against a lot of really, really great cars, the Outlander is a tall Lancer, the Mirage is powered by a sad little 74 hp engine, and the Evo is brilliant, but just a tiny niche product.

For whatever reason, Mitsubishi figured that the way to move more Mirages would be to paint it pink, give it some frightening bow cut-out hub caps, and upholster the interior in Hello Kitty print fabric. We think that a product tie in with a brand that caters to people over the driving age would make more sense, but that's just us.

We mostly want to know whether or not the pillow comes with the car, and if there are 400 people to sell all of these to.

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[via Autoblog