Do you know who we feel really bad for right now? Anyone who works for a tabloid magazine. That's because actress Hayden Panettiere and boxer Wladimir Klitschko just revealed that they are engaged. Panettiere confirmed their engagement during an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael earlier today. And you know what that means, right? It means that tabloid writers are going to have to spend the next few years (or possibly forever!) typing the names "Panettiere" and "Klitschko" over and over and over again. And we can tell you just from typing up this post (and spell-checking it a gazillion times) that it is ANNOYING!

Congrats to the happy couple, who have been dating off and on since 2009. But is there any chance we can get you guys to change your name to, like, "The Millers" or something? You would really be helping us—and the tabloids writers out there—out. Think about it...

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[via Sports Illustrated]

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