You know who you probably don't want to steal a car from? A guy putting in work on the bench press. And yet, that's exactly what one Staten Island, N.Y. man is accused of doing.

Over the course of the last few weeks, at least four different cars have been stolen from people working out at gyms in Staten Island. Those cars were allegedly stolen by a 43-year-old man named Marc Steinberg, who stole the keys for the cars off key boards at several local gyms. And initially, his method for stealing cars seemed like a pretty easy, fool-proof method. That is, until the gyms started to realize what he was doing and called police. They came in and used surveillance cameras to identify Steinberg almost immediately.

As of Friday afternoon, Steinberg was still on the loose. But his photo has been plastered all over the walls at gyms throughout Staten Island, and police are hopeful that they're going to catch him before he gets the chance to steal any other cars. Better them than the guy on the bench press, right?

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[via New York Daily News]

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