Common consensus, a viewing of this safety, and the behind-the-back crossover on a football field (we don't know why either) says that Tom Brady is a much better quarterback than Geno Smith. Brady proven himself in multiple clutch situations (see last week), definitely has more experience, has three Super Bowl rings, while Smith threw a pick six that ended in a crotch grab today. Brady never got taunted with a crotch grab in his career. Ever.

You know what else happened today? Smith outperformed Brady and we're not kidding. The Jets beat the Patriots in overtime 30-27, while Smith threw for 233 yards and a touchdown. It's not a spectacular stat line, but it was still better than Brady's 228-yard, no touchdown performance. So Smith is looking like the man for at least this week and people on Twitter think he's better than Brady. We're also not kidding about that either. Here are People on Twitter Who Think Geno Smith Is Better Than Tom Brady.

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