The Boston Red Sox have now won the World Series three times in the last 10 years. So you would think that they would have the hang of celebrating a championship by now. But after they beat the Cardinals 6-1 last night to win yet another World Series, they partied like it was their first one ever in their locker room.

First, Shane Victorino threw on a pair of ski goggles and sprayed champagne all over the place while French Montana played in the background:

Then, Drake's "Started From the Bottom" played in the background as players shook up beers (and more champagne!) and sprayed those all over the place, too:

And finally, World Series MVP David Ortiz hoisted the biggest bottle of Ace of Spades ever and made sure that anyone who hadn't previously been doused with champagne or beer got sprayed with it:

Wow. Someone go check on, well, every single member of the Red Sox this morning. Did anyone make it to bed last night?!

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