These recently filed patent drawings show us what the next Ferrari will look like. It has a less smiley version of the new corporate face, and an arse that resembles the FF's, as well as some hood vents that suggest that turbochargers will be involved.

Some are saying that it's going to an FF coupe, but we disagree.Yes, the side mirrors are identical to the FF, but that's just a shiny thing bolted on to the side of the car. Those are easy to swap out. The cut lines on the roof suggest that this car will be a convertible and have an identical mechanism to the California, but that's not the most compelling bit of evidence. Compared to the proportions of the California, the wheelbase is almost identical, whereas the wheels are significantly too close together to be based on the FF unless the rear seats were removed. Of course, there would be no reason to buy an FF over an F12 without those rear seats, so we're going to go ahead and call this the 2015 Ferrari California.

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[via Autoblog