When it comes to roller coasters, we love all the loops, and length is most definitely a factor, but speed is easily at the top our checklist (What'd you expect, we drive cars for a living). Oh, and all that safety harnasses and track inspection stuff is important too.

Judging a theme park ride by this criteria has exteme significance. We don't sit in 3-hour lines just so we can half-assedly keep our arms up in sky and unenthusiastically shout "woo...." We need excitement. We need danger. We need that open-air-completely-exposed-maybe-we-could-die thrill that you can't get anywhere else.

Throughout the '90s, 100 mph was seen as a glass ceiling. Luckily, most of us were pouting on the side eating cotton candy, because we were still too short to safely take a ride. Since then, a number of roller coasters have been designed (with even more in the works) that make 100 mph sound like a school zone. For all of our steel stomachs out there, we presnt our countdown of The Fastest Roller Coasters in the World

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