Rolling up in 458 Spider and smashing the pedal to the floor generally stops people in their tracks and turns the heads of everyone on the street. You can't blame them—it's not every day that people get to see such a brutal demonstration of automotive beauty.  

But what if you saw that sweet ride get smoked by a Toyota full of hippies?  In early August, Spanish police raided a garage in Valencia that was creating (you guessed it) fake Ferraris. They were powered by standard four-cylinder Toyota engines. The rides looked impressive, but the performance was ... eh.  

Because of their tom-foolery, we've rounded up the 15 craziest fake Ferraris on the interwebs. Some of the stories are of fans just looking to pay homage to their favorite cars, some are hilarious attempts at ballin',and some just make you say "really?". They all, however, share one thing in common—they're not what they appear to be. 

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