When the Toronto Raptors announced that Drake was going to be their new "Global Ambassador" late last month, our first thought was "What the $^%& is a Global Ambassador?!" Well, we got our answer today. Er, sort of.

We're still not 100 percent sure what role Drake is going to play in the Raptors organization this year, outside of sitting courtside at a bunch of games and making the team look attractive to free agents even though he isn't technically allowed to recruit them. But apparently, the Raptors have already put their new Global Ambassador to good use by convincing him to star in this video that features him talking about the Raptors while dramatic music plays in the background and shots of Toronto flash across the screen. We couldn't make it through 30 seconds of it without cracking up. But we figure that some Raptors fans out there will feel a real sense of pride when they watch this. Because, you know, GO RAPTORS…even though they're not going to make the playoffs this season.

Check out the video and let us know what you think (or, better yet, how long you were able to sit through it). Drake couldn't have thrown on something other than a suit—a jersey, a hoody, anything with a Raptors logo on it—for this?!

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[via Deadspin]