Sigh. If you're a Bulls fan, how discouraging is this news?

After watching your superstar Derrick Rose sit out all last season while rehabbing a torn ACL, he finally made his return to the Chicago lineup on Tuesday night against the Heat. But now, the Bulls have indicated that Rose might be left out of the lineup against the Knicks tonight because of an injury. That injury? A stiff neck. And he's going to be a game-time decision because of it.

The only good thing here is that Rose is not a game-time decision as a result of any stiffness or pain in his legs. But still, tonight is supposed to be his first home game in more than a year! So how discouraging is it going to be if he's in a suit for it?


Even though the Bulls haven't made an official announcement yet, Rose told reporters that he will be in the lineup tonight. "Oh, hell yeah," he said, "for sure I'm going to play tonight." We'll see...

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[via Eye on Basketball]