On Oct. 1, Russell Westbrook underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Doctors are saying that Westbrook could miss anywhere from four to six weeks, but Derrick Rose has a completely different opinion on how Russ should handle his current timetable.  

"Take his time," Rose said after Wednesday night's win over the Thunder when asked what advice he might give Westbrook. "He's the only one that knows his body. There's no need to force anything. And attack every day of rehab like it's your last day. Get everything you [can] get out of it every day."

As someone who took his sweet time recovering from a torn ACL, you should expect this type of advice from Rose. Of course, what D-Rose doesn't warn Westbrook about is the copious amounts of criticism headed his way if he did go that route.

Something tells us Kevin Durant called Westbrook right after hearing Rose's advice and said, "Don't you listen to that man, Russ! Hurry back in four weeks, tops." 

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[via ESPN Chicago