The New York Giants are going through the worst season they've gone through in a looooooong time right now. So you wouldn't think that their players would be in the mood to make jokes. But last night, Giants running back David Wilson and Giants wide receiver Rueben Randle took to Twitter to "throw shots" at one another. The shots in question were clearly meant to be lighthearted. But both players accused the other one of sucking on the field and, well, we'll just let you read some of their exchange. Check it out below:

Like we said, these tweets were clearly meant to be lighthearted, and we don't think that Wilson and Randle are actually unhappy with one another. But we're pretty sure that all of the Giants fans out there are not laughing after reading this exchange. Save the jokes for some other time, fellas. You're 0-6 right now, and no one wants to hear them.

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[via This Given Sunday]