Tonight's season-opening game between the Bulls and Heat in Miami has the chance to be epic. LeBron James & Co. will be receiving their championship rings prior to the game. Derrick Rose will be back in the starting lineup for Chicago. And these two teams do not like one another. So the Heat realize that they're in for a long night once their ring ceremony is over. Chris Bosh explained it best when he spoke about the hype surrounding the game.

"When Dallas got their rings [back in 2011 after the end of the NBA lockout], we wanted to embarrass them on their home floor," he said, "wanted to defecate on their night. We know [the Bulls] want to do that to us and they want to spoil what we have going."

Ha. Leave it to Bosh to work the word "defecate" into a quote about the game. At any rate, it should be fun to see the Bulls try to, well, what Bosh said all over the Heat's championship celebration. Is it 8 p.m. yet?!

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]