Buying a car is an extremely joyous occasion. Or, at least, it should be. You should be happy to make that big purchase, whether it's buying your first set of wheels, putting your child in his first ride, getting a new car for that family you're building, or getting the dream car you've always wanted. Putting something new in your driveway should put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, it's a sad reality that it's often a huge source of stress.

Buying a car is an enormous decision and purchase, and with today's society of sketchy Internet sales, weird private sellers, and dealers with high sales goals, you have to constantly watch your back. It's important to be educated and fully aware of your situation. Today, in honor of saving you some serious dough, we highlight 10 sales gimmicks you'll run into with people trying to increase their bottom line. From Curbstoning to bait and switch scams, we're exposing all the tricks car salesmen don't want you to know.

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