Anyone out there want to be the next head coach of the Florida Atlantic University Owls? If so, there are a few qualifications:

  1. You must have prior head coaching experience at the Division I level;
  2. You must be ready to turn the FAU program around after three straight losing seasons;
  3. You must be willing to "JUST SAY NO!" to drugs.

FAU's current former coach Carl Pelini met the first two qualifications. But it seems as though he did not meet the third one. He just resigned from his position as head coach along with FAU defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis after the two admitted to "illegal drug use" earlier today. FAU has not confirmed exactly what kinds of drugs the two were using. But according to multiple reports, the school's athletic director Pat Chun confronted the two men earlier today after discovering that they had attended a social event recently where marijuana was used. And they both admitted to using drugs while speaking with Chun. So they were asked to resign from their positions and complied with the request before being escorted off the FAU campus.

That being said, there's a job opening down in southern Florida! Who wants it? Just make sure you meet the qualifications above. Oh, and one more thing: Make sure you're competent enough to know that you should never, ever, ever spike the ball on fourth down during a drive. 

Hmmm…Seems like FAU should have seen this whole scandal coming, huh?

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[via College Football Talk]