Like many Americans, 24-year-old Aaron Tyler Estes has a job. But he doesn't wait tables, push papers, or pour concrete for a living. Instead, he robs cars. Lots and lots and lots of cars. 

Last week, a man called police in Knoxville, Tenn. to tell them that a man that he did not know was sleeping inside his car. And when the police arrived and woke up the man, who turned out to be Estes, they found a bunch of stolen items inside of the car with him. They questioned him, asked him about the items, and, within just a few minutes, realized that the man had broken into between 300 and 400 cars in the Knoxville area in the last two months. He had also stolen several cars, which he was using to house all of the stuff he stole. Those cars, which police searched, contained digital cameras, credit cards, cell phones, prescription medications, and all kinds of keys. Estes was apparently quite the criminal and did some serious damage in Knoxville.

The police drove Estes around town later that night, and Estes showed them exactly where he stole the majority of his stuff from. Police then arrested Estes, charged him with three counts of theft and three counts of burglary, and locked him up on a $41,000 bond. Oh, and no surprise here, but as it turns out, Estes has a looooooong rap sheet that includes quite a few burglaries and thefts on it. But after this latest arrest, he's probably going to lose his "job" and spend some time sitting behind bars for what he did over the course of the last two months. Unemployment is definitely in his future.

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[via WBIR]

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