If Braylon Edwards had any chance of making it back to the NFL this season, he may have just blown it.

Over the weekend, the former Browns/Jets/49ers/Seahawks wide receiver—who is currently a free agent—allegedly got into an altercation with a man outside of a nightclub in Detroit. As you can see in the video above, it appears as though Edwards exchanged words with the man outside of the club before grabbing him by the ankles (WTF?) and knocking him to the ground. And to make matters even worse, he was hit with a battery charge later after he allegedly attacked a cameraman who filmed the entire incident. 

Edwards did take to his Twitter account a short time after the alleged incident to reveal that "there was no wrong doing" that took place that night ("Was just joking with friends," he wrote) and that the cameraman who filed charges against him is "another case of some1 trying to 'come up' off a persons status." But whatever the case, this is not what Edwards should be making headlines for right now, especially since it's not the first time (or the second time!) he has allegedly been involved in a fight at a nightclub. So he better find a way to clear his name ASAP if he wants to get another chance in the NFL.

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[via TMZ Sports]