We've seen the 4-series coupe, and we knew this was coming, so it's not like this is really shocking news, but it's still fun to get a first good look at the new drop top Bimmer. Mechanically, it will be the same as the 3-Series and the 4-Series, meaning that it will come with either a disappointingly laggy 2.0L turbo I4 or a lovely and fin twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0L I6 and the buyer's choice of a manual or automatic. All wheel drive is available, but only with the 2.0L engine. 

The roof is a three piece automatic folding hardtop, just like the 3-Series convertible it replaces, but this one's wind noise is two decibels quieter than the outgoing model when on the road. Also available is a vent on the seats that blows warm air onto your neck for those nights that are clear and crism but just a little too cold for comfort. 

It starts at $48,750.

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[via BMW