By now you've definitely seen the video of a black SUV "running down" a group of bikers in New York City. What you probably haven't seen is the rest of the footage that clearly shows the bikers causing trouble for everyone and doing things that caused the SUV to react, resulting in one of the riders falling into a coma. There was a vigil planned for that rider on October 2 in New York City and the cops were out in droves, expecting a crowd of 100 bikers but only finding 10.

Some of the bikers that did show were given tickets and one had his bike confiscated because it didn't have a license light, according to the NY Post. The bikers made it clear that they were in support of safe riding and were there for the injured rider, not to champion the actions of the group involved in the altercation. There is no word on whether or not there will be another vigil.

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[via NYPost]


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