If we were 10 we would want this so much. Fuck it, we want it right now. It's basically a slot car set, but all the slot cars have different combat abilities, and they don't have actual slots. Instead they magically know where they're supposed to be on a vinyl mat. The game comes with two cars and costs $199, with additional cars running $69. You'll also need an iOs device to control your car and do the lion's share of the computing.

Better still, if you don't have three friends who are willing to sit down and play with toys, all of the cars come with adaptive AI that responds to how the humans play. Also, go get some geekier friends, everybody needs a few.

The cars, which all look like they could be batshit crazy Lamborghini concepts, were designed by legendary Hollywood designer Harald Belker, who created the 1996 Batmobile, and all of the vehicles from Minority Report and Tron: Legacy.

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[via Engadget