If you're waiting for all your '00s All-Stars to get up on their social media game, then here's some good news. Allen Iverson is on Instagram. He took us back for a sweet trip down memory lane for his first Instagram post.

Yes, this is Iverson circa 1996, his rookie year. It's been a while since he was rocking a caesar instead of braids and wasn't all tatted up. This was the year the Sixers would go on to be 22-60 despite Iverson's Rookie of the Year campaign. Iverson is set to announce his retirement this year, which looks like is going to be a terrible season for Philadelphia. Interesting how things come full circa, aye?

Here's his second picture:

Iverson shows he's privy to social media promotion by hashtagging the upcoming Q96s. He does look pretty bummed out here though, a far cry from his 1996 picture which was taken when his future looked so bright.

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[via Allen Iverson]

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