Let's just get it out of the way: the new C-Class is going to have the same Nav-screen design as the CLA, and it's fugly as hell. The reason people pay too much money for an integrated nav system is that it doesn't look like this. A $200 Garmin is pretty much better than anything any automaker has come up with, but they look terrible jutting up over the dash. This is the worst of two worlds.

The rest, however, looks glorious. The interior of the current C-Class has been the main thing that people complain about when it comes to comparisons between the C and its competitors. Now the leather looks more sumptuous, the lines are sleeker and more modern (and borrowed from the S-Class), and the wood is a lovely satin finish. Considering that we just demanded more satin-finished wood this morning, we're quite happy about that.

Also cool is the new touch-based infotainment control unit with haptic feedback, which looks eerliy like the sex toy that was recently featured on GQ, and the heads up display, which will certainly help to make us all feel like we're in a SciFi movie. 

Mostly though, we're just happy that Mercedes is giving us what we just whined for.

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[via Mercedes-Benz