Diehard Yankees fan Joseph Neubauer hasn't missed a Yankees home game in 38 years. That's right, 38 years! He started his streak way back in the 1970s and simply refuses to miss a game when the Bronx Bombers are playing at home. And recently, his dedication to his team got him fired.

Neubauer—who worked for NYC's Taxi and Limousine Commission for the last 27 years—was fired back in July because he took a day off from work last September without getting permission in order to attend a Yankees game that had been rained out the night before. He had actually done the same thing on a dozen other occasions over the years and had been suspended from his job for doing it. But Neubauer continued to miss days to attend games, which is why he's now out of work.

"I feel like I regretted it in a way," said Neubauer, who is now appealing his termination and hoping to get his job back. "I just want to try to come back...I'm hoping to get back to work."

Why, dude? Our suggestion: Go get an overnight job so you'll never, ever have to miss another game at Yankee Stadium. You've got quite the streak going. Why stop now?

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[via Eye on Baseball]