"The Times They Are a-Changing" is a good quote to apply if you've been watching the NFL this season and have a hankering for Bob Dylan on a Tuesday morning for whatever reason. Rules are tighter, the Chiefs are actually pretty good, and the top teams of yesteryear are tanking.

The Giants and Steelers—which were teams to beat a few years ago—developed some sort of severe scoring anemia. The two currently have some of the weakest scoring outputs in the league (the G-men 38-0 indicates an extremely weak scoring output). Usually their pass rush would be strong enough to almost make up for that, but the Giants and Steelers gave up 38 and 40 points respectively, so not even that has been working out for them. The normally dominant New England Patriots haven't looked all that impressive either, although their 3-0 record is envied by the two teams we just mentioned.

Not all things have changed though. The Lions and Jets are still respecting their history by having some more fails. The Browns also come to terms with the fact that they can't score using regular means, so they say screw it and score by another means. Let's recall what happened on GIF Gallery: The Wins and Fails of NFL Week 3.

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Written by Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)