What does your favorite childhood wrestler say about you? Today we answer the age old question. '90s wrestling was the pinnacle of the sport. With so many unique personalities and gimmicks it was impossible not to find somebody that you could identify with. So whether you backed Stone Cold because he talked back to authority, or Yokozuna because you were fat, we got you covered. The era was unique in the range of fighters taking to the squared circle. You had hillbillies, gigantic Samoans, sumos, they all combined to fill out Vince McMahon's colorful cast of characters.

Now we live in a bland P.C. era where uniqueness is marginalized. It's just generic character after generic character. Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel, and the now "fired" Cody Rhodes make up a roster nowhere near as diverse as the pre-21st century. Even Daniel Bryan, arguably the face of the WWE, failry mundane. We run through the past and examine how your current predicament is related to your preferred wrestling star. Who knows, if this is accurate we may have a future scamming the gullible as psychics. This is What Your Favorite Wrestlers From the '90s Say About You.

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