Last Saturday, Wayne Rooney was involved in a collision with teammate Phil Jones during a training session that left him with a cut on his forehead. No big deal, right? Athletes get banged up all the time, and it doesn't prevent them from playing in games. But shortly after sustaining the injury, Rooney revealed that he would not play in England's next two World Cup qualifying matches against Moldova and Ukraine because of the cut. And tons of people got on his case for it and called for him to suit up in spite of the injury.

Now we know why he can't. Rooney just posted a couple of photos of the three-inch cut on his Facebook page. And they are, well, gross to say the least. It looks like someone took a hammer to his head. He also posted a message on Facebook directed at all of those calling him out for not playing in England's two qualifiers.

"Some people seem to be questioning my commitment to the England squad and the fact I had to pull out of the 2 games," he wrote. "There's nothing I would like more than to be helping the lads in the qualifiers. I'm sure people will see from these images the reason why I won't be able to play."

Are you giving Rooney a pass now? We appreciate when guys play through injuries. But when it comes to a cut like that on your head, you're probably better off on the sidelines.

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[via Daily Mail]