Toyota unveiled the insane, Yaris-based Hybrid R Concept at the Frankfurt motor show to much fanfare. The crazy little 414 horsepower AWD hatchback with a supercapacitor hybrid drivetrain out of the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans prototype was insane, but just feasible enough to generate some mouth-foam.

What it reminded us of, however, were the persitent rumors that Toyota is working on a 400 horsepower hybrid sports car that uses technology out of the TS030. Sometimes said car is billed as a GT-86/FR-S, but the more persistent rumor is of a 400 horse AWD hybrid Supra. Toyota employees have confirmed to us that a new Supra is in the works, and when I asked about it, a Toyota test driver who shall remain nameless simply told me "that he didn't know anything about that car" with a massive shit-eating grin on his face.

We're thinking that both cars are in the pipeline, but that the GT-86/FR-S hybrid is going to be a bit milder, and the Supra is going to be closely based off of the Hybrid R concept. Details on both cars are still few and far between, but they have both been confirmed at this point.

Is there a better way to test the public's reaction to a high tech drivetrain without spilling the proverbial beans?

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