Kids can be stupid. Really, really stupid. That shouldn't come as any big surprise to you. After all, they're kids. They don't know any better when they're doing stupid things. But five kids in Oelwein, Iowa should have known better when they decided to do something stupid late last week.

On Thursday at about 12:35 a.m., three kids—two who are 15 and one who is just 12—decided to try "car surfing" on top of a 1999 Ford Escort. So they climbed onto the roof of the car while a 14-year-old girl drove it with another 14-year-old riding shotgun. And the trip that they took almost turned tragic when the driver of the car lost control of it at a high rate of speed, drove into a ditch, and threw the three kids on top of the car off of it. Fortunately, no one died as a result of the accident. But the Escort was totaled (that's a photo of the car above) and all five kids had to be taken to a local hospital with various injuries.

Like we said, kids can be stupid. But we didn't know that they could be this stupid. Hopefully, they all learned a lesson here and won't ever, ever, ever try something like this again.

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[via WCF Courier]