Years of existence: 19
Championships won (years): 0
Winning percentage: 0.484
No. of coaches: 5
Current owner: Shahid Khan

The Jacksonville Jaguars bucked the usual trend and actually experienced a lot of success upon launching as an expansion franchise in 1995, quickly becoming a playoff-caliber squad and peaking with a tremendous 14-2 season in 1999. From there, though, things quickly crumbled. Since that outstanding year they've gone 91-118, the eighth-worst mark in the NFL over that window. Maurice Jones-Drew has become a cornerstone player, but nobody has ever really replaced quarterback Mark Brunell. Byron Leftwich and David Garrard had their moments, but could not find the consistency to become the franchise player they needed. Now that we have to suffer through the Blaine Gabbert era, we shudder to think who the Jags will put under center next.