Career stats: 8 TDs, 1,345 passing yards, 66.4 QB rating
Years active: 1991-1992
Substance(s) involved: Marijuana, LSD, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Alcohol

Known more colloquially as "Marijuanavich", former USC and Los Angeles Raiders QB Todd Marinovich was supposed to be the future of the quarterback position. Trained nearly since he came out of the womb by his militant, ex-professional football playing father, Marv, Todd is best remembered today as an example of micro-managing gone horribly, horribly wrong. Marinovich's first problems began to crop up when he arrived at USC, finally off of his father's leash, and followed by a swarm of media attention. He was referred to as the "Robo QB," and was widely regarded as a can't-miss prospect for the Trojans.

However, burdened by the expectations of his family and the public, Marinovich instead spent most of his collegiate and professional career acting out in the worst ways. The troubled signal caller cut classes, took LSD before games, smoked pot, was arrested for cocaine, and found nearly every way possible to take a bundle of dynamite straight to his career. After only two years in the NFL, and three failed drug tests, Marinovich was gone.

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