Career stats: .259 BA, 335 HRs, 1,000 RBIs
Years active: 1983-1999
Substance(s) involved: Cocaine, Alcohol

There's no doubt that Darryl Strawberry put together a solid resume during his 17-year playing career, but the question with Strawberry will always be whether his good career could've been a great one had he taken better care of himself off the field. Cocaine usage was frequent for Strawberry during his time in New York and, along with his poor work ethic, contributed to him gaining an unseemly reputation among his teammates during his tenure with the Mets. In 1999, when he returned to New York to play for the Yankees after stints in L.A. and San Francisco, Strawberry showed that nothing had changed when he was caught soliciting a prostitute in Florida and was also in possession of a small amount of cocaine. Though Strawberry's career was long, it was anything but smooth, to say the least.