If part of the reason we watch basketball is to see defenders fall over from ankle-breaking crossovers, and part of the reason we tune into football is to see running backs and wide receivers put the moves on linebackers and defensive backs, than we most definitely enjoy watching soccer for the jukes that in particular forwards and wingers put on opposing players. Sometimes they come in the form of a sweet step-over, other times a ridiculous flick or magnificent display of ball-juggling is enough to leave not just one, but often multiple defenders flapping at the air in embarrassment. The point is no matter the sport, we love to see dudes get shook, whether it be on the blacktop of Rucker Park, or the pitch at the Nou Camp. So, we’ve scanned the archives and the Internet to bring you this, GIF Gallery: The 25 Best Juke Moves in Soccer History.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)