We all love watching sports. That's presumably why you're here. It's the one thing separating us from the animals. But there comes a time when you should come first. For example, all of the time. At the point where your fandom is interfering with any and every facet of your life, then it's time to take back the control you hadn't realized you lost. Life as a never ending Buffalo Wild Wings commercial is a fate worse than having a cinder block dropped on your nuts. You're constant giddiness over the success of others should be a fraction of your personality. Not the entire thing. The only thing worse would be pushing those away because sports are your everything.

We understand (to an extent). Like a bad girlfriend, or an agonzing job, sports can stress you the 'f' out. Their original intent to distract has spiraled out of control and turned many a fan into little Ike Turners. You may not realize what you are, but all the signs are there. If you've ruined every relationship you've ever had because Bill Buckner made an error than you're insane. But, there's always redemption. These are 10 Signs Your Sports Obsession Is Ruining Your Social Life.

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