It's official. You're not allowed to do anything in the NFL—ahem, the No Fun League—anymore.

During the preseason, the league told players that they would be subjected to a penalty if they decided to celebrate a big catch or a touchdown by spinning the football on the ground. And as it turns out, they were serious. Through the first two weeks of NFL action, we hadn't seen anyone get flagged for spinning the ball. But during last night's 49ers/Seahawks game, Seattle wide receiver Sidney Rice celebrated a catch by getting up, spinning the football, and then heading back to the huddle. And guess what? He got flagged for it and his team took a hit for the penalty.

Fortunately, Rice's gaffe didn't matter. The Seahawks beat the Niners easily by a score of 29-3. But still, how silly is this? And how long is it going to be before a "spinning the ball" penalty affects the outcome of a game? We get trying to crack down on choreographed touchdown celebrations and stuff like that. But this is just getting out of hand.

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[via Deadspin]