Rugby players are often believed to be as tough as nails, but they—or no one for that matter—should ever have to prove it like this. Upcoming player, Matthew Probert was going out for the night when he was attacked by a 21-year-old male. The attacker left Probert with a hammer claw embedded in his skull.

Probert was taken to the Lincoln County Hospital before he was transferred to another hospital with a specialized brain unit, where surgeons took an hour to remove the tool from his head. He went into stable condition following the incident.

Probert's girlfriend went to Facebook to vent afterward.

“There are some absolute scum bags on this earth Matthew Probert is the bravest strongest person I know," she said. “Just to let everyone know Matthew Probert seems to be making a good recovery, for anyone asking about visiting, hospital staff and family request no visitors for the time being but will let everyone know when he is well enough!"

It isn't known why the attacker, named Kris Bradley, attacked Probert, but there couldn't possibly be one good enough to justify literally bashing in someone's skull in with a hammer.

You can look at the aftermath below, but the image is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

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[via The Big Lead]