Road rage is a part of driving. Everyone experiences it at one time or another. But most people know how to deal with it and handle it accordingly.

The man in this video is not one of those people. Until the video surfaced, he was a worker at the U.S. Embassy in Malta. However, once it was released to the world by a YouTube user named Jakovids recently, the man was sent back to America and told that he will no longer be working in Malta. And after seeing the video, it's pretty easy to see why.

In the three-minute clip, the American man flips out after he attempts to drive down a narrow road and comes bumper-to-bumper with a Maltese driver. He gets out of his car, threatens the man, and challenges him to a fight. Then, he gets back into his car and tries to pass the man again but hops out of the car to hurl insults at the man when he refuses to budge. All the while, he's cursing up a storm, yelling, and letting every last ounce of road rage flow out of him. It's a pretty disturbing clip.

The Daily Mail got a hold of the video and edited the foul language out of it. But even with the clip edited, we still want to warn you and let you know that the American man uses some very bad words. We hope he gets some help for whatever caused him to do this. Because a little road rage is normal, but this is just ridiculous.

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[via Car Scoops]