Fake fansHeadbands. Ray Allen game-tying three-pointer. Those are the three main things that should come to mind when thinking about Game 6 of this year's NBA Finals...as well as a missed traveling violation, according to NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry. And just why is that? Barry believes Allen traveled before making one of the most clutch shots in NBA Finals history.

Barry sat down to speak Hot Hot Hoops' Surya Fernandez to break down why he's not hating as some Heat fans and "fans" might automatically think:

They got a little help from San Antonio and from an official who swallowed his whistle on Ray Allen‘s travel on the 3-point shot that tied the game in Game 6. Otherwise the Spurs would have been the champions and nobody talks much about that. But that’s a part of what happens in the game and you have to credit them for responding as they did and being able to come away with a victory.

Then the Hall of Famer goes on to detail the violation:

There’s no question about it, just watch the replay that they showed from the overhead camera. He catches the ball with one foot down, steps back, brings the foot that he had down back to shoot the ball. That’s traveling, you can’t move your pivot foot without dribbling.

It happened so quickly that the official just saw Ray doing it and he was looking down probably just to see if he got behind the three-point arc. It was a great shot, but they didn’t call it so it doesn’t matter. They got away with it, so lucky them.

With that said, is the travel really visible in the below clip? Did he travel at all? It doesn't look like there's any extra illegal movement, and Allen caught the ball in the air with his left foot landing behind the arc. It appears he then brings that right foot over behind the line with that left foot still planted to go up for that three. Is Barry right or was Allen's three legit?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]