Applies to: Vikings

The Vikings shocked the NFL by riding Adrian Peterson's Wolverine-like healing ability to a sixth-seed in the NFC last season. Many, many, many people expect Peterson to be better this season (if that's at all possible). A year after he came a first down away from setting a new single-season rushing record, the MVP has stated a desire to dwarf that mark in pursuit of a second straight playoff berth. But with coordinators putting in 60 hour weeks all offseason, we've got to believe that defensive minds can gameplan an attack to shut down the best player in the league.

It makes you ponder (hmmm) if the Vikings can come close to duplicating last year's success. All early evidence indicates that Christian Ponder, in fact, sucks. Eventually the house of cards that is Minnesota is going to collapse like their stadium, and hopefully, when it does, it won't come in the form of a second ACL tear for Peterson.