Over the years, we have definitely seen our fair share of bizarre sports-related injuries. But the one suffered by Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson yesterday is easily one of the grossest injuries ever.

During the Cardinals/Saints game on Sunday afternoon, Johnson made a tackle on New Orleans running back Darren Sproles on a punt return and felt like he hurt his hand on the play. No big deal, right? NFL players are always getting banged up. But when Johnson took his glove off to evaluate the situation, he noticed that something was missing—a piece of his left middle finger. It was still inside of his glove. That's right. It was still inside of his glove.

Pretty crazy. Even crazier was the fact that Johnson didn't run into the locker room screaming. Instead, he simply had his finger taped up and went back into the game. And then after the game, he had surgery to have the tip of his middle finger shaved down to his first knuckle.

Um…ouch? That sounds ridiculously painful.

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[via The Big Lead]