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Mention the words "barn find" to a random friend of yours, and a chicken who had a heart attack and passed away a month ago in the corner of the barn under some hay might pop into his head. Mention "barn find" to a fellow auto enthusiast, and his eyes will probably light up with wonderment about what gem has been secredtly hiding away, waiting for somebody to discover it's greatness.

Every great car collector knows that you can find some of the best classic cars lying arund unattended in some of the most obscure places, like barns, hidden under piles of trash, tarps, or bales of hay. Sometimes the cars have remarkably remained untouched, unrusted and in original condition. Other times, it's been infested with 7 different types of animals or the back seat has been a storage place for cans Milwaukee's Best, courtesy of a roaming hobo. Inspired by the recent mega-auction from a Chevrolet dealership, we decided to rummage through the trash bin and take a look at some barn finds that are worth a first and second look. These are 15 Great Barn Finds on eBay Right Now. 

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