Both the Mets and the Phillies are pretty bad this MLB season. It's been a down year for both ballclubs. But that doesn't mean that their fans can't enjoy a little ribbing amongst one another.

Just take a look at what one Phillies fan did to his car recently. He (or she?) went out and got a vanity license plate to troll all of the Mets fans out there. As you can see, the license plate reads, "LOL METS." And…yeah. There's not much more to say, is there? Take that, Mets fans!

This person is obviously driving around in Pennsylvania, so we're not sure how many Mets fans he or she routinely comes into contact with. But for the sake of the Nissan pictured here, we sincerely hope that the driver of it doesn't live near any 14-year-old Mets fans. Because that car is just asking to get egged right now.

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[via Deadspin]