While most of us were watching the epic match between Texas A&M and Alabama, Tennessee was catching a whooping the proportions of which no one alive has seen. While Manziel was giving Alabama competition, Oregon was giving Tennessee hell.

Like every other college football blowout, Oregon's win was far from being the largest margin of victory. But a 59-14 shellacking is still pretty bad. 1998 has never been so far away for the program.

The Vols' loss was its worst since its 48-0 blowout from Mississippi State in 1910. Like we said, chances are no one alive has ever seen Tennessee beaten this badly.

It looked like it was going to be at least a game since the Vols were the first to score, but the Ducks ended up obliterating them thanks to Marcus Mariota's crazy numbers. The sophomore quarterback threw for 456 yards (a career high) and four touchdowns. Overall, Oregon totaled a crazy 686 yards.

The worst part? Tennessee still has a crazy difficult October schedule ahead of it as it faces Georgia, South Carolina, and the No. 1 Alabama...in the Crimson Tide's house. Anyone want to offer condolences?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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