Music is all about making a connection. It's about relatability. People usually love somebody's music because they are able to get personal with a song, an album, or the musician. But these days, the relatability to rapper's lifestyles has kind of become a little too distant. You see them wearing all designer clothes, exclusive sneakers that nobody in the public could ever get, and most often, driving extremely expensive cars.

That's why we love looking at older rappers and the cars that they used to drive. Every car wasn't a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce (though, some of them were). Many of them were Chevys, Cadillacs, Jeeps, just regular cars that average people drove. Obviously, many other people drove them as well, but there's a significance in saying, "hey, NWA is driving a Suzuki just like I am!" That's why we very much enjoyed collecting this gallery of Old School Photos of Rappers and Cars. Enjoy. 

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