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Somebody at Notre Dame is about to get fired.

On Saturday afternoon, the Fighting Irish football team opened up their season against Temple. And for the big game, the school created a bunch of 50-ounce souvenir cups to help their fans get into the spirit. Only one problem: The cups featured a huge spelling error on the side of them.

As you can see, the cups were supposed to say "FIGHTING IRISH" on them. However, due to an error made by someone at Notre Dame, the cups actually said "FIGTHING IRISH" on them. The school has already come out and said that they plan to correct the misspelling prior to the team's next home game on September 21 against Michigan State. But still, how the hell did this happen in the first place?!?

"It was an unfortunate mistake," Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown told ESPN.

Uh, yeah. You can say that again.

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